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Let our team bring your business to the cloud

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Professional Services

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Cloud Migration

We support you moving your workloads from the datacenter to your chosen cloud provider.
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Cloud Security

Have a custom cloud security strategy that is bullet-proof and implemented by drie.
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Cloud Strategy

We design cloud strategies that will bring cost and technology efficiencies to your business.
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Disaster recovery

Know that you have a fast & efficient cloud-based disaster recovery plan that allows you to make bolder and better decisions.
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No more walls or silos between software development and operations.
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Cloud Training

Arrange a training for your team with one of of our certified experts on any cloud-related matter.
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OUR Mission

drie is an end-to-end cloud services company based in London, Bahrain and Dubai. drie supports businesses with cloud computing products and services.

Cloud readiness

1-4 day assessmentReport that covers: Migration planCost requirementsSecurity requirementsEvaluation of best suited cloud provider

Cloud Migration

3 options for migration:Lift & ShiftCloud-enabled virtual automationDevOps Transformation 


Optimize your infrastructure so you can scale your business in the cloud. Cloud SecurityAvailabilityBuilding for cloud

Managed Services & Training

State-of-the-art services to accelerate your cloud journey. We have migrated 100s of workloads and bring unparalleled experience.

Cloud computing resources

Cloud Cost Calculator

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator and more in-depth monthly cost
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure’s Pricing Calculator
IBM Bluemix’s calculator

Cloud Cost Calculator

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator and more in-depth monthly cost
Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator
Rackspace’s calculator

Cloud News

Microsoft wins cloud business from Albertsons as fear of Amazon grows among retailers2019 Outlook: Cloud computing will be a key enabler for governments with smart city initiativesBahrain plans to create a world-leading tech ecosystemQatar’s cabinet approves Microsoft Azure data centerHow the cloud will create nearly 32,000 jobs in the UAE

Advanced Digital Banking & AI training course


This two-day training programme will provide attendees with an advanced foundation on Digital Banking before diving into Artificial Intelligence, its use cases in Financial Services and how attendees can apply them in their own corporate environment.

This course will be led by UK's top Financial Services expert David Gyori - a globally renowned author and keynote speaker as well as industry expert.
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