Disaster Recovery - Public Cloud

Making your disaster recovery process easier, faster, and more cost-effective

Join the many businesses out there that already choose safety and cost-efficiency over outdated backup solutions.

Entire server backup

One of the main advantages of creating a disaster recovery plan on public cloud is that you can back up the entire server almost simultaneously. The virtual servers don’t depend on hardware so they are easily sent to other data centers within a very small timeframe. The recovery will only take a few minutes. 

Cost efficiency

Having a second data center in order to back up your data is not only expensive, it also isn’t used for anything so it just wastes your money while awaiting a disaster. Having a disaster recovery solution in the cloud brings cost down, doesn’t require a large upfront investment and doesn’t have huge maintenance expenses attached. 

Faster recovery times

With a cloud solution in place, the response to a disaster only takes a few minutes and the process is automated. Without a cloud solution in place you might spend days trying to recovery your data and in the end, some information may end up being lost entirely.  We support our customers in developing their disaster recovery on public cloud and thus make sure that costly interruptions will be avoided and business as usual can go on, no matter what!

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