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drie provides next generation training courses for our industry clients. Our training courses are designed as per Industry standards and delivered by highly qualified instructors. We provide bespoke training in disciplines such as Cloud Computing, Project Management, IT Service Management and emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI and Big Data.

Our vast community of instructors with years of experience help professionals to equip themselves with real-world examples in this ever-changing business world as we partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

Our current training courses

Stay ahead of the game by attending one of our public training courses. Our trainers are the best in
their field and guarantee to put you ahead in your career.

Advanced Digital Banking & AI

17th & 18th of June - Dubai, UAE

This two-day training programme will provide attendees with an advanced foundation on Digital Banking before diving into Artificial Intelligence, its use cases in Financial Services and how attendees can apply them in their own corporate environment.
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Certified Training Courses

We are now able to provide training on emerging technologies to our industry clients.

Cloud Computing


Agile and Scrum

Artificial Intelligence

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