We solve problems others can’t
With over 40 years of combined experience we are your specialists in everything Cloud, DevOps, infrastructure, continuous delivery / integration and cloud.

Our consulting offerings is designed to ensure that your mission critical cloud strategy is implemented successfully and that your business realises maximum value with minimal downside risk.
Security in Agile Delivery
Enterprise security processes commonly limit the success of Agile Delivery programmes by putting unnecessary barriers in front of development teams. drie can show you how to continue to develop services securely without compromising on productivity.
Building cloud team
We have a wealth of experience selecting thrid party vendors, contractors and employees. drie can be especially valuable if you’re looking to find a new set of skills. For example if you’re looking to adopt a DevOps approach or Agile delivery.
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Architecture Security
drie has experience building and maintaining infrastructure for the UK Government and the Financial Industry. We’ll apply our experience to help you make simple architectural changes which reduce the likelihood of compromise by attackers and provide defence in depth.
Continuous Integration / Delivery
We understand how to deliver continuous integration and continuous delivery in enterprise environments.
Cloud Migration
Cloud environments such as AWS and MS Azure have the potential to significantly improve the productivity of your business and are essential if scalability is a key concern. drie understands the potential opportunities and challenges of these environments and can help accelerate your migration to the cloud.
A microservice architecture can significantly improve the productivity of your team and the reliability of your service. drie will review your existing applications, identify the areas which would benefit most from migration to a microservice architecture and develop a roadmap for the technology and training changes to make this successful.